Youda Safari (DS)

Youda Safari (DS)

Title: Youda Safari (DS)
Publisher: Purple Hills
Developer: Ocean Media
Year of release: 2011

Youda Safari is a time management title which will puts players in charge of successive wildlife parks across the globe, setting budding managers a mission to attentively develop each park into spectacular destinations that attract increasing crowds of virtual visitors as they grow.
In Youda Safari players take on the role of Lucy, an enterprising PR and Marketing manager, who has agreed to help her friend run safari parks in a host of locales and continents, including the USA, Europe, Russia, Africa, China and Brazil. Players must combine time management and wise decision making to ensure the eager tourist and animal enthusiast visitors have the best routes possible to see their favourite animals and snap some pictures. As players progress, they will have to decide how to upgrade each park, whether it’s by adding new animal attractions and touring vehicles, or constructing bigger tourist facilities and more restaurants. Wannabe park owners will have to hone each park to provide the very best tours and wildlife adventures if they want customers to return.

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