King Arthur (PC)

King Arthur (PC)

Title: King Arthur (PC)
Publisher: Digi Ronin Games
Developer: Ocean Media
Year of release: 2011

Based on the original classic literature, King Arthur is a story driven hidden object game with a variety of entertaining mini games equating to hours of fun. Narrated by Merlin, King Arthur traces the well known tale of Arthur from the time that he was a boy and pulled the enchanted sword out of the stone; to his years as the greatest king of all of England. The player encounters many of the famous characters: Merlin the quest giver, who tells the story and tutors the player on the use of magical runes that can be used to aid the player, Guinevere and Lancelot and their doomed tale of love, and lastly the evil Morgana and Mordred who attempt to usurp the throne of England.

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